Jonathan Edwards: 50 Years in Music
This DVD came into being due to everyone’s courageous hard work, nurturing supportive relationships, and the outpouring of love that transcends boundaries, decades and definitions. It is offered as a Thank You to you and all the fans and all the players that generously chose to be a part of this celebratory evening. Even our friends who couldn’t make it to the show will now have a record of the music we shared on that magical night to enjoy from now on. It would not have been possible or near as much fun without the gifts that Tom Snow brings to our lives. It would also not have been possible or as meaningful without the undying love and support of my lovely wife and spiritual guide, Sandy. Thank you ALL from my soul for this night and for 50 Years!
This celebratory night and this DVD are both dedicated to the life, career, and memory of our dear friend, soul brother, and major love nugget, Jimmy B Biggins. Rest In Peace dear tenor man.
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About Jonathan

Fifty years in music! Yes, it seems like quite an accomplishment. But if you look a little closer, you'll find a boy fairly unconcerned with issues and events that most people think of as the future. You'll see a guy who's wondering what he did wrong to have to spend his high school years marching to English class in a military school uniform. Picture him putting down the rifle he was issued and picking up a guitar for the first time, and the look on his face when, at last, something made sense. And then, you might peer into the psyche of a young fella who loved the music of words enough to postpone the last stages of an art degree to follow his cellular desire to learn about that love and begin to understand. He understood that he was of an age to be sent against his will to southeast Asia to become a soldier. He had a different idea. Songs and the need to write them... Concerts made up of those songs and the joy of performing them in front of listening, responsive people.

These are the endeavors that propelled this young fella to follow his heart and refine his focus. Bigger and bigger audiences were soon to take notice and embrace this artist who so selflessly engaged with them. 250 shows a year in those early years. 19 albums and collaborations as evidence of his commitment. A little broadway, a touch of acting, some producing and "50 years goes." Formative times with the horses in Nova Scotia, a decade or so in the Caribbean with the Rastas, a stubborn adherence to the sound of bronze strings on rosewood, an abiding love of the earth and all her daily miracles; these are a few of the colors on his palette that inform the man he has now become. You will discover a certain reverence and a sardonic humor in equal measure. You will now find an outward maturity and an inner, youthful exuberance combined in an intense and contagious love of life. When asked if he ever gets weary of singing "Sunshine" or "Shanty" or any of his earlier compositions, he replies, "Every night is a new night, every crowd is a different context and every performance feels like the first time."

So, whether it's a "Toys For Tots" Christmas Show for forty thousand people or a house concert down the street for 25 friends and neighbors and a couple of dogs, you receive the best from this man--every time he takes the stage. These are honest emotions to which wings are attached. An authentic story of art for the sake of art. This is original music based in history and tradition. Pianos, mandolins and fiddles...harmonicas, stand-up bass and lots of guitars; the recordings and the concerts both create an environment and an atmosphere that make his singing seem effortless and a spontaneous natural occurrence. And all of this without much concern for the future.

Peace, Love and Understanding through the gift of Music.
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50 Years

Jonathan Edwards, Autumn, 2017
© Joinatune Earthwords, ASCAP
It's been a little while since I talked to you this way
But if not now then when, this is my turn to say
I’m grateful for all of you, yes, each and every one
You make my life so beautiful and no, I ain’t done

I never looked down from my mountain of fame
Just drove and kept on drivin’ until I heard my name
And the spotlights came up and I settled down to sing
And five decades later and I ain’t changed a thing

Yes its been fifty years since I got my first check
For doing what I love and for stickin’ out my neck
And you helped me persevere through all the laughs and the tears
And I thank you from my soul for tonight and fifty years

And its all your fault with your clappin’ and your smiles
And I cherish every minute and I deal with the miles
Millions of them come and gone and thousands of shows
I’ve had nineteen zipcodes and fifty years just goes

You taught me how to love and help each other to remember
All those bright nights at Shaboo at the far end of September
And I think its in my contract or it certainly should be
Everyone has so much fun but no one more than me