Holly is exhausted!Marching Onward! 
Or Sleeping on the Job.

Someone got pretty tuckered out helping assemble and package new CD orders this weekend! She was as excited as the rest of us when the truck rolled in with boxes and boxes of Tomorrow's Child! Pre-orders taken through the PledgeMusic site are in the works, and this week we will be doing our part to support the postal service. You don't want to be the guy or gal in line behind us! Thanks to so many of you, we will be keeping our local post office friends very busy!

Once we have fulfilled all of the pre-orders, we will be announcing the official release of Tomorrow's Child, including the ways, means, places and spaces you can order a physical copy of the CD and/or do that digital thing! 


Jonathan performs at the Circle of Friends Coffehouse in Franklin, Mass. ~ photo by Steve Ide


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Jonathan Edwards and Tom Snow performing "Hard Times"

Another recent performance, in Massachusetts: