Jonathan Edwards: 50 Years in Music
This DVD came into being due to everyone’s courageous hard work, nurturing supportive relationships, and the outpouring of love that transcends boundaries, decades and definitions. It is offered as a Thank You to you and all the fans and all the players that generously chose to be a part of this celebratory evening. Even our friends who couldn’t make it to the show will now have a record of the music we shared on that magical night to enjoy from now on. It would not have been possible or near as much fun without the gifts that Tom Snow brings to our lives. It would also not have been possible or as meaningful without the undying love and support of my lovely wife and spiritual guide, Sandy. Thank you ALL from my soul for this night and for 50 Years!
This celebratory night and this DVD are both dedicated to the life, career, and memory of our dear friend, soul brother, and major love nugget, Jimmy B Biggins. Rest In Peace dear tenor man.
Now available HERE!

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