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Now available ... Tomorrow's Child CD

Now available here and from iTunes and Amazon is my latest release, "Tomorrow's Child." Produced by Darrell Scott and featuring a number of Nashville luminaries, from Shawn Colvin to Jerry Douglas, John Cowan, Vince Gill, Alison Krauss and others! I'm very pleased to present this studio album that feels like a live recording with a living room feel. Enjoy!

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I know we promised delivery of this DVD evidence of the amazing show we did in Hartford last November. However, given everyone's dynamic schedule and in an effort to include as many of the magic moments from that celebratory concert as possible, we are delaying the release date until sometime in May. We are still taking advance orders which will help in our manufacturing calculations. So, please watch this space for a specific street date and I know you'll be blown away by the love that was in that room that night and how it translated so beautifully into the music. Thanks for your patience, JE
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Oct 19
Greenwood Coffee House - Ann Arbor, MI
Oct 20
Seven Steps Up - Muskegon, MI
Oct 26
Bijou Theatre Connecticut - Bridgeport, CT
Oct 27
Spire Center for Performing Arts - Plymouth, MA
Nov 02
Tupelo Music Hall - Derry, NH
Nov 03
The Kate - Old Saybrook, CT